A right place for you who wants to get some printables —either for business or personal use.

Esui is my daughter’s name, and she’s my motivation behind everything I do. 🤍🤍🤍

So, here I am, creating various printables —of pregnancy and baby milestones, journals, and children books— for you to easily embellish your daily life.


Story Time


Cute Baby Milestones

Capture the important milestones of your little one with this set of Cute Baby Milestone Cards.

It is specially designed for you to celebrate every point your baby reaches as they grow: months leading to the first anniversary, first teeth, first step, and many more. Take a photos (or some) and hold on to the moments you wish would never end.

Keeping Your Cherished Moments

You can use this design for yourself. Or, it can be a gift for your family or friends to celebrate every moment of joy.

Because time passes by so quickly.

I am Esui’s Mom

Hi, I am Esui’s mom! I’m creating printables of pregnancy and baby milestones, journals and children books for you to easily embellish your daily life.

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